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Pocket Folder with Wrap
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Pocket Folder with Wrap

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Due to the complexity of this design and the many options available, we ask that you email, call or come in and let us help you customize this item, specifically for you.
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As Shown:
Layered Robin's Egg Pocket Folder with Border Motif and Personalized Wrap
Digitally Printed
Typestyles: T-395 all caps block, F-106 lower case block
Border Motif: W-968 Damask Mosaic, Ink Colors: 1-Robin's Egg, 2-Celery
Kalogram: M-158
Ink Colors: Robin's Egg & Celery
Design: DM-18 arched text
Personalized Wrap:
Wrap Design: W-229 Mosaic, Ink Colors: 1-No ink, 2-Celery (digitally printed only)
Kalogram: M-158, No Ink
Envelope-As Shown: Robin's Egg
Printable Envelope Lining: Digitally printed only, Ink Colors: 1-No ink, 2-Celery

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