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Clear Plastic Cups


We have made it so easy to design and order your custom cup!
1. Choose the cup with the design layout you like-click on that cup
                       (and now you can create your OWN custom cup!)
       2. Choose your cup color
       3. Choose your art- if you want art (almost 400 designs to choose from)
       4. Choose your typestyle (over 130 typestyles to choose from)
       5. Choose your ink color
       6. Type in your text or monogram letters

       7. If you want to see a proof before we print-click the "email proof" icon at
the bottom of the page and we will email you a proof of your design

clear plastic

Alan's has a large selection of customizable clear plastic cups
Clear plastic cups are available in the following sizes:
5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 16 ounces
use this image for sizing-items are not shown for design purposes only and are not shown actual size

click here to see art
click here to see typestyles
click here to see monograms
click here to see ink colors

 clear plastic cup pricing

3 LINES OF TEXT-additional lines of text are a flat $5.00
for each additional line- this charge is for your entire order- not per item
use options menu on item page to add additional lines